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Computing and Communications

A world-class teaching and research hub for computer science and communications systems.




Our research is recognised for its exceptional quality and international reputation. 研究 Councils UK, the EU and industry funding support our research. We blend traditional research fields and focus on achieving a high impact.

  • 通信系统

    We focus on the design, analysis and optimisation of future communication systems.

  • 数据科学

    数据科学 looks at new methods, algorithms and applications of transforming data in real-time and autonomously to meet real-world needs.

  • 数字医疗

    We use digital technologies to take a proactive approach to health, with the aim of preventing illness and improving quality of life.

  • 分布式系统

    Distributed systems are becoming increasingly complex, encompassing areas of technological innovation including cloud computing, 多核架构, the Internet of Things and mobile computing.

  • 交互系统

    We come together from different fields including computer science, 愿景, 图形, machine learning and engineering to develop advances in mobile, pervasive and interactive technologies.

  • 网络

    We have a diverse range of interests, from cutting-edge computer networking technologies to understanding new deployment context.

  • 普遍的系统

    我们调查设计, 发展, deployment and evaluation of mobile and pervasive computing systems.

  • 安全

    Our activities deliver ground-breaking research and postgraduate 培训 through programmes as diverse as an MA in conflict, 发展 and security and an MSc in cybersecurity.

  • 软件工程

    软件工程 (SE) has been a significant research theme at 金沙体育 since 1986. Our high-impact research spans the range from tool 发展 to theoretical work and focuses on several SE themes.


We work with businesses of all sizes and in many ways. We can work with your business with collaborative research, 实习, 培训, 客座讲座及活动.

业务 and Partnerships Engagement


The iconic InfoLab21 is the region's leading centre for ICT research and commercial innovation. We run extensive teaching and research collaborations with companies such as Google, 微软, IBM, 思科和BAE系统公司.